How to wear your skinny jeans with booties!

Tis the season for boots! The bootie trend is still going strong and there are so many cute booties out there to choose from. But, do you know exactly how you are supposed to wear your boots, with they your favorite pair of jeans? Well if not don’t worry because I am here to show you! Let’s be clear I’m not a fashion expert but I do love clothes and I have a pretty good eye when it comes to piecing things together. So, when I see women with a cute pair of skinnies and some killer boots I immediately look down at there feet to see if they are rocking the bootie trend the right way.

First of all you should never wear baggy skinnies that will not fit with your boot. Make sure w if your going to rock this look that your jeans are skinny enough that they aren’t baggy and sagging over your boot. I’ve seen where some ladies have cute jeans but there too big at the bottom by your ankle so the bottoms look sloppy and messy. You want a tight fitting pair of jeans that will snug your ankle and that you can either roll the cuff.

If you are wearing leggings with your booties it’s completey okay for your leggings to fit inside your boot. Depending how high or low your boots are, your going to want to do one or two cuffs in your jeans. Cuffing your jeans with your boots makes for a nice clean and sharp look versus just sticking your jeans into your boots. I’ve added a few pictures to show your different options and my boots are the cheetah print ones.

I hope this will help you in the next time your going to wear your booties and your jeans on how to piece them together!



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