Flu, flu, go away!

‘‘Tis the season for colds and the flu and boy has it hit my house like a freight train coming in with no warning. It all started last Sunday with my middle son who is 13 having a sleepless night. The next day he woke up with a head ache and fever. He had spent the night at my in laws and my mother-in-law happens to be a RN. She said he tossed and turned all night but really no significant symptoms. He spent another night over there so he wouldn’t get his little siblings sick. The next morning he had gotten worse. Fever, headache, sore throat, diarrhea. He came home on Tuesday night and the poor kid tried to do some homework. Well needless to say that didn’t last long. Long story short is that my son was very ill. I brought him to our primary doctor and he was tested for strep and influenza which both came back negative. His throat looked angry so they gave him a shot of penicillin. That didn’t really help,my son became very ill. We ended up in the ER even after that shot. He was so dehydrated. I’m writing this blog on Sunday night and he was just starting to feel better late Sunday afternoon. Now, my 18 month old baby has it. So, below here are some warning signs and symptoms of this flu. Don’t wait to long to take your kids in if you think they have the flu.

1. It starts with a headache. Usually a dull one and in the front forehead area.

2. High fever. Between 101 to 103. Tylenol didn’t seem to help a whole lot but ibuprofen did help with keeping the fever under control.

3. Diarrhea.

4. Stomachache.

5.Nasal congestion and this came on later in the course of my son being sick. Usually with influenza you get a secondary infection. Yes, they said my son tested negative for it but I’m 100% sure it was influenza. Please if your children have any of these warning sign or symptoms bring them in. It’s scary and can be so dangerous.

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