What to pack for a weekend getaway

Hello world! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared anything. So, this weekend my husband and I are getting away to celebrate our wedding Anniversary. I’m so excited because we have never been able to leave for 2 days without our kids. I’ve been planning for a week what I’m going to pack. If any of you that are following me and know me, I tend to overpack for even just 1 night away! My husband gets so mad😂I’m going to try not to overpack as I foresee some shopping on my trip😉 so here is my list of the essentials that you need for a weekend getaway. Please, remember your list may not look like mine. You might be doing something totally different than I am. For instance, we are going to the casino our first night and than off to the cities the second night. So, here you go!

1. Travel outfit. Why? Because you don’t want to wear your “date night” outfit all day in the car and get it ruined or full of sweat. You can always change at the hotel.

2. Two night outfits. You need two different looks just in case the one you had picked out doesn’t work. Remember, you have the weekend to shop for a third option as well. I love dressing up at the casino. It’s one of the few places in my area that you can do that.

3. Two to three pairs of shoes. I always bring a pump, bootie, and flat with me. If your feet are sore, you can always run back to the room and change.

3. Cardi. The room or casino might be cold or your shirt doesn’t quite go well with your jeans, you can always cover up.

4. Jeans and a couple pair. Why? As mentioned before.. you might not like how they look or fit. Or what if you spilled your Moscow mule all over yourself and you only had 1 pair?! I always bring at least 2 pair and buy a new one as well😉

5. Swimsuit and coverup. Hey, I’m a busy mom and I want to relax in the hot tub but I’m not going to be walking around the pool area sporting a bikin in front of 20 year olds who’ve never had kids! I always bring a cover up.

6. Hair dryer. Sorry, but those hotel ones connected to the wall barely dry a strand of my thick hair. I always bring my own.

7. Workout clothes. Some of you may or may not bring this but my lifestyle involves working out. Lots of hotels have gyms and with my BOD I workout in my room.

8. Alcohol. It’s a lot cheaper to buy some booze for your room, rather than spend a lot of money at the bar. Don’t get me wrong… my husband and I look to go to the casino bar, but we also have a limit on what we spend. So, we usually have a few drinks in our room throughout the night.

9. Lingerie😉 hey, if your getting away without kids.. come on!

10. Phone charger. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone away and I didn’t have my charger. It sucks! So pack that first!

Of course you’ll need your toiletries and personal things but I wanted to give you the essentials in what you need for a little getaway. Have a great weekend and now off to pack!

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