Five tips to transition into Spring!

Spring is around the corner, but unfortunately where I live we’re supposed to get a big snowstorm this weekend. So, today myself and my photographer went out on location before the snow hits to show you five ways to transition into spring.

1. Layers- living in Northern Mn you never know what kind of weather your going to encounter, so I always wear layers in the Spring. You can never go wrong with layering because you can always take off not add on. Blazers and cardigans are a great option.

Blazers are great for layering. This one is from @maurices prices vary from $24.99 to $29.99

2. Leggings- on the fence when it comes to leggings vs pants debate (classic black) are essential to any modern women’s closet. To add a pop to your leggings pair them with a chic color and it will give it that touch of Spring!

You can find leggings just about anywhere but I love mine from @express, which happen to be on sale for $19.99

3. Switch up your foot wear- If you live in a warm state, than you probably have already switched your foot wear to sandals or wedges. Unfortunately, living in a cold climate we have awhile before we can wear sandals. So, a good way to switch from your worn out winter boots is to wear booties. A boot and a shoe in one. I love booties because you can wear them with so much and the look is so cute.

My booties are made by TOMS and I got them from @DSW for under $100. The color is nude.

4. Coats are still a must- I was so excited because on Friday the weather was actually warm enough to wear my trench coat. Yes, we still need coats in the Spring but opting for a trench or lighter coat is the best transition. You’ll be able to wear it for a very long time before the season changes to Summer.

My trench is @ Target by A New Day and it’s currently $49.99

5. Be mindful of textures- best part about Spring is that textures and fabrics get lighter and brighter. Opting for light linens, chambray, or cotton tops is the way to go as Spring approaches. Pack away the cashmere and go lighter!

Jumpsuits are great for Spring and so versatile. Mine is from @ H&M last season but they have similar ones starting at $34.99
Bright color combos are the biggest trend right now. My outfit is from @ Express. I’m wearing a size small in the shirt and the pants a size 4 which fit perfectly. Big sale on jeans and shirts!
I love this color combination so that’s why I’m wearing this similar look as the one above. My blouse is from @ Maurice’s from a few years ago but they have similar ones in stock @ H&M for $20

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